By carrying the entire range from Signature, the worlds largest flooring manufacturer, we have a range of products that can fulfill any request to protect a sub-surface, in the Middle East region.

Need to drive a Ferrari onto a sand dune for a launch? Use one of our roadway products.
Need to protect the new marble floor in the hotel lobby whilst construction finishes? Use one of our construction products.
Need to cover your newly laid grass, in your event area within your 5 star hotel? Use one of our grass products.

For every eventuality, we have a solution, and with our team of crew, we can help you deploy your system, with no stress. We offer the ability to rent for a one off event, purchase for stock, or long term contracts, all with the knowledge that we are supplying you the right product for your job. Many competitors simply offer you one product because that’s all they have, whereas we carry everything in stock, so can supply you what you need, rather than what we’ve got!

Call or mail now, for an appointment where our advisors can visit you and talk about the solution that’s right for you!