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Superior Ground Protection For High Performance Applications

MegaDeck is a large panel access matting system designed to provide stable access and superior ground protection for heavy-duty applications including shoring, construction, drilling, mining, and more. Heavy weights are distributed across a larger surface area, allowing heavy equipment to traverse varying ground conditions without problems.

Use MegaDeck to stabilize the largest construction equipment, oil drills, and lighting towers. Perfect for temporary roadways through rough terrain, but attractive enough to use as modular flooring for special events. MegaDeck provides an excellent base for staging and provides a slip-resistant even surface - perfect for rowdy concert crowds.

Each MegaDeck mat is molded from a single piece of HDPE, with special proprietary fillers and additives that provide additional strength, rigidity, and impact resistance.

Design Features:
  • Ribbed interior adds strength while reducing weight
  • Easily handled by a standard forklift
  • Water-tight seal prevents dirt, water, and debris from penetrating the mat
  • specialized gasket that handles mat flexure and other everyday abuses
  • Solid HDPE flanges on both sides allow mats to connect easily to adjacent mats
  • Flanges nest within each other, providing extra strength and rigidity at the joints
  • Mats can be reconfigured into two 7.5' x 7.5' mats, allowing you to create straight edges and stronger staggered layouts.
  • Low profile surface anti-slip design provides traction for pedestrians, vehicles, and rolling equipment including dozers and other tracked vehicles.
  • Optional RFID Chips incorporated during the manufacturing process allow you to keep track of your mats with a computerized inventory system.



Connection System:

MegaDeck's proprietary connection system consists of a self-aligning cast aluminum locking mechanism that joins overlapping flanges of adjacent mats, allowing them to bear tremendous weights. Simply slide flange containging the male locking component over the female lock flange, drop in the bolt part and turn 90° with a standard hex key. This extra large locking system is extra strong, ensuring that your MegaDeck panels will not separate.


MegaDeck is virtually unbreakable and is easily cleaned with ordinary cleaning solutions or industrial power-washers for those extra tough messes. MegaDeck mats will not absorb water or other contaminants.

Mat Size:

Full Size Mat
(consists of two half mats bolted permanently together):
Actual: 2.28 m / 7.5ft (L) x 4.267 m / 14ft (W) x 10.795cm / 4.25in (D)

Usable (due to flange): 1.812m / 6.5ft (L) x 3.9624m / 13ft (W) x 10.795cm / 4.2 in (D)

Half Size Mat:
Actual: 2.286m / 7.5ft (L) x 2.286m / 7.5ft (W) x 10.795cm / 4.25in (D)

Usable (due to flange): 1.812m / 6.5ft (L) x 1.812m / 6.5ft (W) x 10.795cm / 4.25in (D)

Mat Weight:
Large Mat: 1,122 lbs / 555.5 kg
Small Mat: 561lbs / 277.5kgs

Standard: Beige
Custom: Available upon request

Durable Composite Construction

Each 1,050 lb MegaDeck panel is manufactured from a proprietary blend of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and a nanoclay filler exclusive to Signature that is significantly stronger than traditional composite fillers. These extra strong composite mats also include an anti-static additive and a 5 year UV Package. MegaDeck is made in the USA and is 100% recycleable.

Convenient Sizes

MegaDeck is available in two convenient sizes. Standard large mats measure 14' x 7.5', the perfect size to fit standard ISO shipping containers. There are larger heavy-duty access mats on the market, but they're too big to ship! MegaDeck is the largest heavy-duty access matting system that can be shipped by normal means.

Small 7.5' x 7.5' mats can be used on their own or in conjunction with the large mats, allowing for greater flexability in layout design. 

Molded Traction Surface

Both sides of each MegaDeck oil rig mat incorporates a low-profile molded traction surface that helps to prevents slips and skids while allowing dozers and other tracked vehicles to traverse muddy terrain.

Convenient Connection System

MegaDeck's simple and sturdy cast aluminum locking system is one of its most impressive innovations. By connecting mats in multiple locations, the unique connectin system enables mats to handle tremendous moving weights. Each 14' x 7.5' panel has 8 cam lock locations that help in the alignment of mats during installation. The heavy aluminum locking pins are inserted through two nesting panels and are then locked by a simple twist of a 3/4" hex key available at any harware store. These super-sturdy cam locks are made even simpler with the addition of "locked" and "unlocked" graphics. Other heavy-duty crane mats are connected using complicated systems that use small parts that are easily lost on large job sites and require the purchase of several non-standard tools.

Handles Heavy Weights

MegaDeck can handle compressive loads up to 600psi. That means MegaDeck is the strongest temporary roadway and access matting system available!

Out-Performs Wood And Other Systems

Unlike wood MegaDeck will not warp, rot, crack, or delaminate and can be power washed on site to prevent cross-contamination. Old wooden systems could absorb chemicals that would corrupt the next site, but MegaDeck is 100% non-absorbant. Wood also absorbs water, making an already heavy mat even heavier and likely to rot and play host to any number of micro-organisms and insects.

MegaDeck out-performs other composite mat systems as well. Our simpler and stronger connection system, more portable size, and low-profile traction pattern are just the beginning. MegaDeck features nesting flanges with radius edges that make aligning and installing MegaDeck simpler than large panel system. What used to require multiple forklifts and a whole team of workers can be accomplished with one standard forklift.

Ribbed Interior

MegaDeck mats feature a cross-ribbed interior that helps to distribute load weight while reducing the weight of the mat iself.

Manufactured, Engineered, & Distributed by Access All Areas Flooring Department

MegaDeck composite matting is the most advanced engineered interlocking panel system on the market today. MegaDeck is the most sophisticated yet simple access matting; designed specifically to streamline worksite setup and dismantle from shipping through installation, use, maintenance, and removal. Engineered and manufactured, pioneers in interlocking flooring systems, MegaDeck composite matting is the trusted choice of the most discerning professionals in the drilling, shoring, energy, mining, and construction industries.

Access Matting that solves Problems

MegaDeck access mats are the culmination of solutions to a variety of issues that arose using other composite mats in the most strenuous of field tests: the field. MegaDeck was designed and engineered in response to consultations with industry leaders with first-hand experience using composite mats and traditional wood matting systems at their worksites in the oil, natural gas, construction, and shoring industries. From its shipping-conscious dimensions to its simple cast aluminum cam lock system with no small parts or special tools to its low-profile traction pattern that allows even tracked vehicles to traverse the trickiest terrain, MegaDeck provides solutions while other oilfield mats and temporary roadway systems only present problems. Read more about how MegaDeck out-performs other composite matting and traditional wooden mat systems.

Oil Rig Mat, Access Mat, Temporary Road System, and so much more

MegaDeck heavy-duty access mats are designed to handle the rigors of the roughest jobs and the toughest terrain. These 7.5' x 14' composite mats are made of a scientifically formulated and tested blend of high density polyethylene (HDPE), proprietary nano-clay fillers, and special anti-static additives. MegaDeck interlocking mats provide a strong, stable surface for the heaviest equipment and easy access to remote locations or sensitive environments in any climate or weather conditions. The proprietary blend of composite materials, ribbed interior, and large panel size distribute the heaviest weights evenly over more area, making light work of the heaviest equipment including dozers, construction cranes, and oil rigs. Panels are easily connected in a variety of configurations, allowing you to adapt MegaDeck for use in any application, including roadways, Oil Rig Mats , military compounds, construction bases, helipads, shoring mats, runways, bone yards, and much much more!


Create instant portable pathways for heavy-duty vehicles up to 80 tons

Protect ground from damage done by equipment and utility vehicles

Side 1 -
Rugged Cleat
Side 2 -
Rugged Cleat

DuraDeck is versatile and can be used for hundreds of applications.

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